HANGING PLANTS | Trailing Emerald Fern (LLRTEF1000)

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Hanging plants are a fantastic solution where space and surfaces are limited, or if you’re simply looking for a different way to add greenery to your interior.

Trailing Emerald Fern.

• 2 year guarantee
• Featuring fully bonded components from base to tip,
• Rope and terracotta planter included.

Height – 1000mm (including rope)
Spread – 400mm

Realistic replica plants that transform any space:

The Looks-Like-Real TM range can brighten up any interior. Suitable for use in the shade, or high heat areas where living plants are not appropriate, there’s no reason why you can’t add greenery to your space. Unlike many plants on the market, our range is ready to display straight from the box in a wide selection of styles and types that will suit your space and your budget. What’s more, our plants mean no construction or finishing is required and they are simple to keep clean and look after.

Strong & resilient
Combining carefully selected components, continuous construction and a high degree of craftmanship, our plants are resilient, strong and reliable – perfect for high traffic areas.

Durable, long-lasting planters
Our planters are chosen for their durability, resilience, strength and also their aesthetic qualities. We have a solution for any space.

Weighted bases for stability
Pick up one of our plants and you may be surprised at the feeling of weight and quality. The weighted bottoms make the plants stable and durable.

Bonded pebbles
Your plant will arrive with the dressing permanently bonded, meaning no accidental spills to clean up!

Quick and simple to clean
Simply brush the leaves with any small clean brush and use a handheld vacuum for the dressing of the base. Our plants are amongst the easiest available to care for.


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